One day, in the hard days of Makkah, Holy Prophet (asws) was praying at the Kaaba when one of the leaders of the Quraysh came to the Holy Prophet (asws) with a cloth and twisted it around his blessed neck and tried to strangle the Holy Prophet. That person attacking Holy Prophet (asws) was one of the most powerful people in society, like a Governor or a Senator. And when Hz. Abu Bakr saw, what did he do? He tackled that Kafir leader and removed the cloth from the neck of the Holy Prophet (asws). And the kuffar beat Hz. Abu Bakr so bad that he lost consciousness. What did Hz. Abu Bakr say when he woke up from that beating?

“How is the Prophet? How is the Prophet?” And he refused food or drink until he knew that Holy Prophet (asws) was safe. O Believers! That is Hz. Abu Bakr. Hz. Abu Bakr is the one that one day he was gazing upon the face of the Messenger of Allah (asws), and such love overtook him that he said, “Ya Rasulallah, do you know that if you asked me to kill myself, I would kill myself?” And Holy Prophet (asws) said, “Yes I know that, and I am proud of you for that.”

And when they were in the cave of Thawr, Holy Prophet (asws) rested his head in the lap of Al-Siddiq (ra). And one snake poked his head out of a hole near their feet, and Hz. Abu Bakr, not wanting to wake the Prophet (asws), he put his toe into that hole. And that snake began to bite him. Hz. Abu Bakr tried to hold himself, but his tears began to fall from his eyes and drop on the blessed face of the Prophet (asws). And Holy Prophet (asws) put his blessed saliva on the place that the snake bit Hz. Abu Bakr. And he said to his friend, “O Abu Bakr! You made place for me in the cave, I will make place for you in my Rawdah, in my tomb. In the cave I slept on your lap but in my Rawdah you will sleep near me.”

O Believers. O murids of Sahib el-Sayf. O those who are calling themselves Nakshibendi. That is our Pir. That is our Rehber, our leader. Are we like that even a little bit? Are we trying to be like that, even a little bit? Are we checking ourselves and trying to put that kind of passion, that kind of sincerity, that kind of love into our hearts even a little bit. And know that our Sheykh, Sahib el-Sayf, he was like the Abu Bakr to Sheykh Mawlana. So many times, our Sheykh was putting his life on the line for Sheykh Mawlana. Our Sheykh had that kind of passion and love for his Sheykh.

O Believers! These are not stories that we are telling so that people can feel good, they can say subhan’Allah, and then forget and go back to their normal lives, NO! These stories are meant to go into our hearts, to wake us up from gaflet, and to make us want to be like those heroes. Yes, Hz. Abu Bakr el-Siddiq (ra) is the hero of Islam. If we want to be calling ourselves as from the Siddiki way, then we must follow el-Siddiq (ra).

- Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz

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